Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blue Monday: Boys Love Blue

 My three boys love the blue, they have clothes and other stuff which are blue. In fact, when we were choosing our house color, in unison they answered "Blue!"
Of course, their messy bedroom uses blue bed covers and electric fan. Even their curtains are blue, too bad I have no picture available.
Their love for blue is also apparent on the clothes that they wear. Most of their shirts are in the shade of blue.
Hope you enjoyed my share for Blue Monday and have a great week ahead :)


  1. Cute boys and lovely family!...Christine

  2. nice place mamiLess....:) thanks for dropping by my BM...great to be here.

  3. Everyone loves blue!

    Happy Blue Monday!

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  4. Sweet :) Your boys are cuties...thanks for visiting my blog and Happy Blue Monday!


  5. Cute boys! I enjoyed seeing your family and your pretty blue house.

    Happy Blue Monday,

    Kathy M.

  6. ur kids are certified blue lovers..

    my blue:
    drink mixing

  7. My great grandson is the same way. His favorite color is blue, and I have featured him on Blue Monday several times. Your boys are so cute in their blues.

  8. aw so blue! my princess and my husband's favoirte color...ill try to join here sometime!

    visiting! :D

    now your follower pls do follow mine too!



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