Friday, April 1, 2011

End of Unlimited Deal : PLDT in Buying Suncellular

For those who benefit on unlimited text and call of Suncellular, the acquisition of PLDT on Suncellular worries them. It is still unknown whether the buy off of Suncellular would be beneficial to the consumers or only to the stakeholders of the company. 

Suncellular has 16 million subscribers, although it is not the primary choice of telco network among Filipinos. However, for those who are holding more than one mobile phone, Suncellular has remained to be the top choice because of the unlimited call and texts it offers. Last March 31, PLDT and Suncellular sealed the deal of the former buying 51.55% of the shares of the latter.

I must admit that I am one of the many people who owns more than one phone, in fact I have my own mobile numbers for all the three major telecommunication network. I am a bit worried if PLDT would require Suncellular to stop its offer of unlimited calls and texts. For moms who are budget conscious, a mobile phone load of only 150php per month with unlimited texts to same network and 200 minutes of free call to same network (Sun-to-Sun) is a big help on my budget. Losing such kind of services would mean lesser time to communicate with the people I love.

Aside from this worry, DadEngr (my hubby) also works for Suncellular and we are unsure on what effects it would bring to Suncellular employees. The last thing I learned from hubby about the buy-off is that by June 2011, PLDT will officially take over about running the business of Suncellular.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for two main reasons, the first one as a consumer. That the services I (and the other millions of Suncellular subscribers) enjoy from Suncellular would still be the same, or improved would be much better. Of course, I am also hoping that the higher management of PLDT would be considerate about the welfare of the employees of Suncellular. I hope that there will be no retrenchment of employees and that they would look into the compensation and benefits of the Suncellular employees too.

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