Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blue Monday: Beyblade for Kids

It's vacation time and my kids are at home the whole day. As expected, they easily get bored and are always looking for things to do and toys to play. Just recently, they asked Mommy to buy them Beyblades (it's the modernized version of "trumpo" or "spin top"). When hubby and I did the grocery last week, he bought them a Beyblade arena.

That's the Beyblade Arena that their Dad bought them
Their Beyblade, one each child
Busy setting up their own Beyblades
It's time for the Beyblades to compete

Hubby and I would like to encourage our kids to play games that would involve face-to-face interaction, rather than play in front of the computer or their game consoles. Outdoor games and sports would keep their body healthy and also they would learn how to socialize and deal with other people.

Smiling Sally


  1. Good parenting! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday.

  2. Looks fun thing to do. Happy blue Monday...

  3. Beautiful photos! I am now your follower.

    Come see my blues, have a great week ahead.

  4. You are doing the right thing as far as I am concerned with your children. The less TV the better. I agree with you whole hardheartedly. I am not familiar with those little Beyblades, but they certainly made a nice blue feature.

  5. ay ang cute naman...I have to agree with LV...this is better than tv and video games.

  6. I agree with you Mommy Les.

    Please come take a look at my entry, thank you!


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