Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wine Tips: Find the Perfect Wine for the Meal

 Wine connoisseurs would definitely know which wine is the perfect one for the meal. As I was checking out some wine offers on the internet and I saw gift set of 3 bottles of different luxury wines. The gift set of wines is definitely a perfect thing to give for a dining enthusiasts. It does not cost much, actually the average price per bottle of wine is around 15pounds per bottle. For the wine newbies like me, here are some useful tips to find the perfect wine to match your chosen meal:
  • White wines are best served together with the appetizers.Chardonay is the best partner for strong cheese, oysters, grilled pork and chicken.
  • Red wines are not served on the opening of the course because of its heaviness. This type of wine is best served for entrees' like pasta with red sauce and beef dishes.
The next time you and your partner go out on a special dinner date, you would already have an idea which wine to enjoy for each course of the meal.

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