Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My First Adgitize Payment

I was so surprised when I saw the email of Adgitize; I thought it has something to do with my advertisement with them. But when I opened the email, it was my first payment from being an Adgitize advertiser. I invested $14 for 30 days advertising; I earned $19 for the month plus the $4 from my November earnings.

It was like hitting two birds with one stone, I earn money and at the same time gained more visitors for my blog too. So if you have not advertise yet with Adgitize, maybe it is time start your ads with them and see the effects.

Good thing Adgitize has the option of paying through Paypal instead of sending out company checks like what others do. It would be a big hassle for me because I do not have any valid IDs at all. I am too lazy to get new ones because I lost my previous IDs.

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