Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TCP Entry: Schindler's List

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

For my TCP entry for this week's theme which is Steven Spielberg movies, I chose Schindler's List. It  is one of my all-time favorite film. The movie is about Oskar Schindler, a business man during the time of Holocaust and was able to save thousands of lives. The genius behind this controversial movie is no other than Steven Spielberg. What I like about this movie are the symbolism of things. The movie was done in black-and-white; except for the little girl wearing the red coat. According to Spielberg, the little girl in red coat represents those powerful countries during that time (America, Russia and England) who knew about the Holocaust yet chose not to do anything about it.

Watching this film made me realize how lucky I am to be living in this era; wherein freedom is given to every individual. Soon I would encourage my kids to see this film, to give them a glimpse or idea of how difficult it was to live during those times.

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  2. hi, thanks for dropping by at my blog. i havent seen Schindler's List but i have heard from my sister that it is a good movie. will try it one day. cheers!

  3. Spielberg did an incredible job of not compromising the plot of this movie in a commercial way.

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  4. oh yeah! one great film! very touching and an eye opener..


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