Monday, November 22, 2010

TCP Entry: Dreamworks Movie

Thanks Wikipedia for the photo
There are so many Dreamworks movies to choose from; I love all of their animated films and I can't decide which one to choose. Honestly, I am not aware that "The Tuxedo" is a film by Dreamworks. Me and hubby are fanatics of Jackie Chan. We have seen this movie a couple of times but never grew tired of watching it.

The plot is simple, Jackie Chan (Jim) is a taxi driver known for his notorious speed driving was hired to become a personal driver of a wealthy man. He became a spy by accident when he wore the special spy tuxedo of his boss and was paired with a genius named Delilah played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. And the adventure begins.

It is a very light action film in which Jackie Chan is very famous. It gave us a good laugh especially when he was doing his dance moves.

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  1. Ay love ko to talaga. Si Jackie Chan ba naman.. masyado lang OA si Jennifer, parang laging me regla, hehehe..

  2. oh, how could I have missed this one. I so love Jackie Chan! lahat ng movies nya I watch. bata pa lang ako favorite ko na yan. yung mga movies nya noon pa na chinese na dinudub lang to english I always watch, hehehe.

  3. dreamworks din toh?
    di ko alam... lols! love ko rin si jacky chan and i like that movie too. i remember the behind the scenes shots, jennifer always laughs at certain scenes, nasasayang daw ang film sa kanya sabi ni jacky chan. ;)

    happy tcp!

  4. Ay ang aking nanay, fan talaga ni Jackie Chan yun.. And we always watch his movies. Yung talagang inaabangan namin eh yung sa last part, before the credits start rolling. Yung mga bloopers niya.. hehehe.. Ang cute ni Jackie Chan.. =)

    I like this movie.. pero not really LOVE. Siguro isang dahilan dun eh si Jennifer. Ang arte niya. Tama si Mommy LIz.. parang lagi syang may regla. hahaha!

    Dumaan po at nagkomento. =)

  5. I'd give that movie a 3 star:)

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  6. oh! i love jackie chan! i've been a fan since I was young..


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