Monday, November 15, 2010

TCP Entry: Notting Hill

photo not mine thanks to Google.

For my TCP entry for this week is about this movie "Notting Hill". Can the famous film star in the world fall for just an ordinary guy?, Yes, because when it comes to love whatever your status in life when you fall in love, you would do anything and fight for it whatever it takes.

In this movie Hugh Grant is just a ordinary guy he's a owner of a bookstore while Julia Roberts is a film star. They met accidentally in the bookstore and eventually developed their friendship into a romantic relationship. This movie is romantic comedy and it showed how it is to fall in love.

It does not matter whatever people say about your relationship when you really love the person you will risk everything like Julia did; even it will change your life just to be with him or her. Love is like a cigarette it harms you with warning and before you know it, you cannot just simply remove it from your system.
Love is a sacrifice and it could be a big sacrifice for some people.

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  1. Good choice, I heard good things about this movie.

  2. oh my! this was the first movie i watched with my (now) husband when we were still dating..


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