Monday, November 22, 2010

Manic Monday

Ever since I started doing online work; I consider this day as probably the second most draining day (the first one happened last Wednesday..deadlines! argh!). I woke up a bit late because I slept late last night because I had to finish blog hopping and commenting. Although I am used to having a hectic schedule, this day is quite different. I feel like a drained battery (but here I am still doing my blog post). Being a VA no longer stand for Virtual Assistant- but Very Addict; I have tons of work from my other boss but I can't resist accepting other job assignments too. I could not easily say No to my boss (right Fedhz?); she tells me to give my other tasks to other people but I can't simply do that. I need to work. I want to work and I love to work. My braincells were not in use for a long time; and I can say that this time around, I have found what I love to do. I love to write and I will continue to write.

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  1. When my hubby was working from home, every day seemed like your Manic Monday ;-P


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