Friday, October 1, 2010

Mission Impossible: Lose Weight

I love to eat but the problem is I eat a lot of junk. I can't live a day without my favorite carbonated drink. Couple of years ago, I was able to achieve my lowest weight after having kids. It became an easy task for me to lose weight that time because I was still working.

Now that I am a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM), I am having a hard time doing it. They say that doing household chores can help lose weight; I don't think that is applicable to me. I am not a hearty-eater but whenever hubby is around and we eat together as family; that is another story. Whenever time and budget would allow, my hubby and I would do food tripping. We love to visit restaurants in the area that we find interesting.

But now, I guess I am determined to do it! Although whenever I ask my hubby whether I look fat, he would answer no. But when I ask my kids on how I look, they would all answer in chorus; that I look fat. As they say, kids don't lie. So I told myself that I need to do it now and I am only giving myself a month to lose all these unwanted fats.

How would I do it? limit my intake of carbonated drink and eventually to totally remove it from my system. Eat only good food and stay away from the bad stuff. Exercise a lot; since after doing household chores I am stuck in front of the computer meeting the deadline of my writing assignments. I do not have time to burn calories. I just hope that I can reach my goal and eventually wear that nice piece of outfit I saw in the mall.

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