Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mommy Moments: Green

Last week was all about Orange, now we will all go Green. It is very timely because my son Jeon, would have their school program and they will be wearing their green PE uniform. So this pictures are fresh out of the memory card. Although I have one photo of my son Gab, the day when got circumcised. I hope you enjoy the photos.

the green stage

Ayaw mag smile
oops..that is after Gabby got circumcised

mommy moments


  1. cute jean! and boys should really wear loose shorts or skirt after the cut.


  2. Ang cute naman ng school uniform nila. :)

  3. I guess when your boy would grow up and be a man maraming magkandarapang chicks diyan ang gwapo eh. Mine is here thanks

    My Little Home

  4. Ouch, sakit nyan ah.. Dito sis, when you give birth to a boy diretso circumscise na..

    Our Greens

  5. oh boy, i can almost feel his pain. i hope the color green helped him eased the pain..

  6. Shame naman sa anak mo. He looks like he's in pain.

    Happy MM!

  7. pogi naman ng iyong little boy. thanks for the visit! :)

    Hope you could join my meme’s every Monday and Wednesday: Whatta Wonderful Week! and Just Beautiful!

  8. an adorable boy!

    Happy mommy moments!

  9. love the 3rd snap, ur son looks so handsome :)

    Enjoy your weekend, here's my entry, hope you check it out too.
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  10. The post-circumcision shot reminded me of cousins having gone thru that as well. Cute sons you have. The green stage backdrop is very timely, isn't it? :)


  11. buti nakuhaan mo pa ng picture after circumcision!

    happy mommy moments! :D

  12. nice nmn ng PE uniform nila. he is still cure kahit di sya naka smile :)

    thank u for dropping by my blog!
    happy weekend!

  13. Green na green ang stage. Nice PE uniform. Naku, wawa naman si Kuya Gab, hawak hawak ang green shorts nya, hehehe..

  14. Happy Mommy Moments!
    Mine is up!

    tapang naman ni gabby!...

  15. naku!!! circumcision!! buti na lang pumayag ang little boy mo! ewan ko kung papayag ang aming little one too! visiting your green MM entry!

    Pink Memoirs
    Hands Full of Life
    These and Those

  16. Nice color of uniform and what a funny pic of post circumcision...hehehe.

  17. nice p.e. uniform...looking cute! natuwa naman ako dun sa last picture, i can't for my boy to experience that part of boyhood/manhood! :) please visit me at PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...and meet my two lovely kids! happy to meet yours, have a great day! :)

  18. same here, natuwa ako sa circumcision pic! I wonder if he was in pain there (I wouldn't really know)... Happy MM!

    Here's my entry! :)
    Mars @ The Life Encounters


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