Friday, February 4, 2011

I Thank God For You

Every time hubby celebrates his birthday, I make it appoint to give him something beyond material things. I wrote this two years ago as a birthday present for my hubby. Now he is about to celebrate his birthday this 12th of the love month, I thought of publishing this "Thank You" letter that I gave him.

This letter would also serve as my entry to Pinay Mommy Online Thanksgiving Giveaway contest. It is about enumerating things that we should be thankful for. I guess the theme reminded me again of the many wonderful things that has happened in my life for the past years.

This simple letter for my hubby would tell how thankful I was and still am for having found the person who makes me so happy and contented. A lot of trials and blessing came our way as a couple but here we are proving our detractors wrong, and living the life that we have been dreaming to have.

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