Sunday, February 6, 2011

Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival

Google for the photo
 The 2011 Clark Hot Air Balloon Festival will start on the 10th of February and it will end on the 13th of February. We have been staying here in Angeles City for almost ten years, but I never got the chance to witness this wonderful festival of hot air balloons.

But this year will be different, we plan to bring the kids to the festival for them to experience the yearly hot air balloon event in Clark Pampanga. According to hubby, we have to be there as early as 530 in the morning to get a good spot and stay away from the traffic; or else we would not enjoy the event.

We plan to go there on the last day of the event which is the 13th of February, as part of the birthday celebration of my dear hubby. So it means that no late night TV watching this coming Saturday to make sure that we are up early. I am just so excited about the event, and I will definitely keep you posted on what will happen during that day.

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