Monday, January 3, 2011

Punta De Uian New Year Celebration

 The entire family spent the first day of 2011 at the beautiful resort called Punta De Uian; it is located at Pundakit, San Antonio Zambales. It was a New Year treat from my Mom and John. It was a long road trip but upon seeing the place, it was worth it. The resort rates was quite expensive, good thing Mom hit the jackpot at the Casino last Christmas or else she would have spent money issued to her by their office using company checks

The place has breathtaking views and the amenities are excellent. We stayed in a duplex with two bedrooms, 2 T&B, living room, kitchen and dining room.
the view

the duplex where we stayed

They also have Chapel, playground and villas by the lagoon area. The kids really enjoyed the place, they ran around the playground there were only few people checked in. So it seems like we rented the entire place for ourselves.
the chapel
the playground

Of course, the resort would not be complete without the beach and the swimming pool. My eldest son Jet really enjoyed frolicking on the sea. But we did not take a dip at the pool; because we were just so excited enjoying the big waves.
the beach

the swimming pool

It was one beautiful New Year celebration that my kids and the entire family would not forget. Although our stay at the resort was quite short because work and school days are about to begin, it was unforgettable. Some family members were not able to come along due to unforeseen circumstances; but there will always be next time.

To all mommy bloggers and my blog visitors out there, how did you celebrate your new year?

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