Friday, January 21, 2011

Google PR Update January 2011

Google for the phot

I have started this blog March 2008 under the blog  title "Maskinanu", but I half-heartedly update it. Finally, this blog was resurrected last September 2010 carrying a new blog title "MommyLESsons". Since then, I have been trying my best to keep the blog updated,  I also started to join memes and advertise in order to gain more traffic for the site.

After a couple of months of serious blogging, I have seen fruits of my hardwork. First, was my Alexa points improved a lot, it is now at 345K. And now, when Google made a Page Rank update this month of 2011; MommyLESsons ( no longer shows N/A , it is now at PR0.

Hopefully, the next time Google would update Page Rank ; I would  see more improvements. So far, so good; I think I am on the right track.


  1. Congrats! Your perseverance made it through.


  2. congratulations for a job well done!

    here's a tip to increase your Google PR:
    try to leave meaningful comments to dofollow blogs. make it a point to write a comment to someone's blog whatever the PR is, but of course, the higher the PR the better. for more tips, you can browse my blog and yes don't forget to leave a comment too :) mine got a PR3 ;)

  3. congrats sis i'm sure the next time mr g update PR it will be higher na ..My blog working at home PR2 pa rin, now i'm working on my new blog sana magkaron agad ng PR hoping for a miracle hehe.

  4. congratulations! any tip on how to lower down the alexa numbers?


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