Thursday, January 20, 2011

Business Card, a Status Symbol?

Is a business card considered a status symbol? Is is a subtle way of bragging one's achievements? My boss and I were talking yesterday regarding the work title versus your real passion. It is not enough that you earn the title but your should be passionate with what you do. Then that is the only time that you can say that you are proud with what you do. I don't work as in the traditional work of going to the office or the field to do my job, I work at home. I can have customized business cards made to hand out to friends whenever we meet. But I opted not too.

my badge
In case someday I would decide to have a customized business card, I wonder what design should I use. Would I carry my blog badge? Do I need to include in the card the company name of my full-time online work? Since my blog badge is a drawing of a little girl, would it look like a professional business card or a party invitation? LOL. Maybe I should try to check out for serious designs, like that of the spiritualbusinesscards But then again, maybe not!

My business card would definitely include my blog badge, because little by little I am becoming more passionate about improving and enhancing my skills, so I can call myself a "blogger". Am I right boss Fedhz?


  1. Hey there,

    I think you're right about personal pride when it comes to business cards. If you have a personal card made out for you, that is NOT company issued, then you clearly love what you do and want people to know it. I've put some thought into having business cards made for my blog... but I never actually considered doing it. Now that I'm about to enter my 4th year blogging, I think it's time to get a card made. Awesome post. Later.


your thoughts exactly...