Sunday, September 5, 2010

Babysitter 101

Going through this article made me realize how lenient I am in choosing a babysitter. I remember a time trusting someone who just went to our house and applied to be a babysitter; only to realize later on that a lot of our things were stolen by her.
A trusted friend can be a good referral of a babysitter. But relying on the words of your friend alone is no longer sufficient. On your part, you need to require some police clearance and health clearance as well. Because we are actually entrusting the safety and welfare of our children to these babysitters. So we really need to be critical in choosing the right babysitter.
Although anyone can be a babysitter, like what the article mentioned finding a babysitter who is already matured in age can make you feel more comfortable than hiring a teenager. There are teenagers who are matured and responsible but they are still teenagers, and they still have the tendency to combine work and pleasure. This may result into something which is not good.
As mentioned again in the article, if you have no choice but to hire a teenage babysitter, it is best that you meet with the parents of the babysitter. At least the babysitter's folks would know that anything that may happen to the child while under the watch of the babysitter, it will be his or her responsibility.
Indeed, finding the right babysitter for your child can be difficult, but if you know the steps and guidelines in choosing one; then you can have a peace of mind while you are away from your child.

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