Friday, April 22, 2011

GT: Me and My Sundresses

For this week's Girls Talk, I guess all "girls" love clothes. There are clothes that I truly love- if only I can get back to my before-pregnancy figure.very deep sigh. (dream on!) Even if I am not sexy and slim as I used to (nax naman), I love sundresses. I have a couple of them (lakasan ng loob lang) and I still continue to collect them.
 And aside from sundress, I guess all women should have their mini black dress. I am still looking for the best mini black dress for my plus size figure. Mini black dress can be used at any occasion, you just need to properly accessorize it and find the perfect shoes to wear.
I am not really brand conscious when it comes to clothes. But when it comes to bags and watches, that is a different story. Let me just state that aside from these clothes, a pair of red stilletos and red chucks are part of my wish list. I guess I need to work hard to buy myself these simple luxuries in life.


  1. hello ^__^ thank you so much for dropping by my blog. I really appreciate it that you left a comment on my GT entry :)

    you have a lot of pretty dresses there. I still have to look for that perfect sun dress though. would love to go sleeveless but I'm limited to a wide strap design since my arms are quite big.

    and I agree that mini black dress can be worn in any occasions. but I'm opting for a nice white dress now. :)

    see you around :)

  2. love that black sun dress! CLASSIC... mine's HERE by the way..

  3. Hello! thank u so much for peeking my blog..those dresses looks so comfortable to wear...visit here from The Designer's Chic

  4. perfect summer look

    have a great weekend hope you check out my entry here.
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  5. I love your sundresses. Super kikay :)

  6. I like the black mini, very cute!

  7. the black one is kinda similar to what i want i'm dying to wear (but having a second thought!:D) take a look here

  8. pretty sundresses! i want also to have a collection of these...super nice!

  9. chucks! i have a pink pair, although i never get to wear them anymore because i prefer to wear slip-ons (much easier to wear). me want sundresses too. huhu. i didn't realize that i want them until the summer is over and the rainy days are already upon us! waaah!! maybe next year? hihihi. good luck on owing a pair of chuck and red stilettos! you can do it ^^


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