Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday: Silly Faces

I was looking at old photos the other day on my Friendster account (yes! I still have it and I have no plans of deleting it because of the pictures), and I realized that we were fond of taking pictures with silly faces. Here are some of the old and new photos with my kids in our silliest faces possible.

More wonderful Mommy and Me Monday photos, here.

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  1. i love silly faces! i find it awesome and life like! ;)

  2. Hahaha! You all look silly indeed! :D

    I, too, used to have a Friendster account but deleted it when I had a fight with my boyfriend at the time. Ha!

  3. look at those cute silly faces....:) great to be here MamiLes...thanks for dropping by at my M&MM...:)

  4. silly moments are wonderful bonding moments with our kids...

    me too, finding it hard to delete my friendster account because of the photos...

  5. hehe, katuwa naman itong mag iina ko, ngapala sana mavisit mo new blog ko thanks

  6. Precious moments to treasure! Love those funny faces.

    Mommy and Me at my page. Have a great week ahead.

  7. Pati si mommy game na game hehe, what a fun picture picture day

  8. these are really cute silly faces.:D nice to see you having fun with your family. Visiting back from MMM. Have a nice day!

  9. hahaha!!! i wanna laugh with you... these are moments worth treasuring...

  10. Happy to be here…
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