Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Domain Name

Finally, I have my own domain after almost a year of pondering whether to get my own domain or not, I have decided to purchase one. It has the same title as this blog MommyLESsons Too!. It aims to provide valuable MommyLESsons too! giving tips on parenting, motherhood, relationships and managing household. I am no expert in any of these areas but I have first-hand experiences to share with other moms out there. Hopefully you can find time to visit me at my new home.
However the blog still looks bare, you'll get to enjoy the posts (fingers-crossed). We are still in the process of setting up the design but we already have a design for it. Hopefully we will be able to have it all done by end of this month.
Visit and follow me at MommyLESsons Too!
future design of MommyLESsons Too!


  1. congrats mas ok talaga kapag meron tayo sarili domain hindi natin problem na baka bigla isang araw ma delete n lng blog natin.

  2. Congratulations! I think this is what every blogger wants, to have an own domain. Hope I could have one too.

  3. i'm thinking of getting my own domain too but I just got PR2 in my blog and I had to wait 9 months before I got that, I dont want to lose it at the moment. I'm still torn between getting own domain or not.

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