Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ABC Wednesday Challenge: K

It's summertime once again, and that means my KIDS will hang out in the house most of the time. I am in deep thought on what summer activities would Keep these Kids busy the entire summer. Maybe I should ask hubby to teach them how to make Kites and fly them.
photo by bhoc mallari
 Or maybe it's time to teach them how to do Kitchen chores like cooking. But then again, I would have to convince my eldest on being near the cooking stove. He met an accident last month that gave him burnt scars on the body.
this is Jet's burnt skin
 I guess I should start listing the activities that my Kids can do this summer before I start turning into a monster mom.LOL.
biking is one my kids' favorite activities


  1. sorry about the accident.

    kitchen can be fun, but dangerous.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. Summertime was always a happy time for the children. We have a lot of water so they used an inflatable boat and off they went. They also built huts in the garden using old shelves and pieces of wood. We had also a playtent. Lots of things.
    I am sorry of the accident which happened to your little boy. It looks terrible.

  3. I'm so sorry about your kids burns. That must have been painful and terrifying. Great post for the K day.

  4. ay kwawa naman ang sakit nyan..

    magandang araw!

    K for Keypad

  5. A burn that size can be traumatizing. I hope your kid's getting better.

    ABCW Team

  6. Ouch that scar looks painful Mommy Les!

    Want some more K? Come and have some Kisses from my webpage.

  7. ooopps, sorry for the accident looks painful .. well i hope your kiddos will enjoy this year summer :)

  8. OOOh the burns look painful. I hope they continue to heal and that there are no more accidents.

  9. Ouch! Tell him from me - all good and great people have accidents in the kitchen! I did this week - a knife incident in the cutlery drawer! He can pop over and help me re-model my kitchen - now there's a holiday activity! lol!
    Thanks so much for contributing
    ABC Team


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