Tuesday, February 8, 2011

TCP Entry: Reality Bites

This week's theme for TCP is about Friendship Love; and the first movie that comes to my mind regarding friendship is my all-time favorite "Reality Bites". This film was shown in the 90's era, the year of Generation X as it was known. It starred my favorite actress Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke plays the male lead actor; and it also starred Ben Stiller. This is the film that popularized the "My Sharona" song.

Here is the story line as summarized by IMDb:
"In this study of Generation X manners, Lelaina, the valedictorian of her college class, camcords her friends in a mock documentary of posteducation life. Troy is her best friend, a perpetually unemployed musical slacker. Vickie is a manager at the Gap who worries about the results of an AIDS test, while Sammy has problems grappling with his sexuality. When Lelaina meets Michael, an earnest video executive who takes her homemade video to his MTV-like station, she must decide what she values--the materialism of yuppie Michael or the philosophical musings of Troy"

The struggle of friends after earning their college diploma as they continue to search for the perfect employment opportunities. How these young people try to maintain their friendship despite the odds they face.


  1. This movie sounds pretty interesting. I was quite a baby when this movie came out but I vividly remember the song, My Sharona. My mama used to play that song in the morning to wake us up for school. Thanks for the share.

    I hope you can visit mine too at my hideaway

  2. hmmm.. this one is quite old. but i like it... aside from My sharona, i like the song 'Baby I Love Your Way' and i also like the part when she was asked what IRONIC means, made me look at the dictionary, lol!

  3. i know i seen this but i cant recall it even after reading your entry

    heres my share of the popcorn, enjoy the movies

  4. i kinda like to watch this one soon. i will find and download. happy TCP!

  5. Yeah, I have seen this movie, sa Pilipinas, I like it, pero it's not the kind of movie that I would watch over and over again. Thanks for the visit.

  6. oh i like this movie too! namiss ko tuloy....maidownload nga haha :D
    thanks for the comment in my entry!


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