Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kids and School

Although within a couple of months now, school year is about to end. I am already making a list of the things I need to buy for the coming school year. Aside from sparing myself with the back-to-school rush; I would be saving a lot of money if I buy school stuff this early.
personalized duffel bag of posylane
 The first thing I have in mind is to find the perfect school bags for my kids. This year they have broken around three bags because they need to bring a lot of books in schools. I am thinking of getting  personalized duffel bags to make sure all the books would fit it. Since duffel bags are spacious and sturdy, there would be no problem about bringing a lot of books in school. Having it personalized would make is much easier for them to identify their own stuff. There are also personalized designs to choose from to suit the child's personality.

posylane kids backpack
 As for my little boy, he wishes to have a bag with trolley but I think that will be too big for him. I think I would still stick to using kids backpack for him to use in school. Since he does not need to bring a lot of books, it would be more convenient to use backpack bags instead of trolley bags. Most of these backpacks have colorful designs that my little boy would love.

If I am very much concern about my kids' bags it is because I want to give them the best stuff that I can afford. I wish their school would do the same, especially when maintaining their manicured school lawns. But I believe the school administrators are also doing their best to provide the best school ambiance to their students; if only they can hire people from Dallas lawn maintenance I am definitely sure they will. Because they are also after the welfare of their students.

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