Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dream Vacation

School is almost over; and we can already feel the summer heat. My children are excited to go on summer vacation and their dream destination would be Hongkong Disneyland (awts! that means I need to double time in order to save up). 

But if you will ask my hubby; he would rather save up to watch the next World Cup or experience watching Formula 1 races and have a feel of staying at any Monacograndprixhospitality.  In fact he already did some researches on the best place to enjoy watching the race. He is so excited about a champagne toast to the winner of the Grand Prix race which is included in the booking package. In order to experience our dream vacation it means working overtime in my writing assignments; I think it will be a 24/7 writing jobs to save up the money we need for the dream vacation.

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