Friday, January 14, 2011

PNoy's Porsche: The President's New Toy

PNoy's Porsche stirred a lot of controversies amongst Filipino people. Some people deemed it to be very untimely because of the upcoming fare hikes in LRT/MRT and buses too; aside from that the taxi flag down rate increase has already been approved. Group leaders from various sectors of the society call PNoy insensitve for making such decision.

The Bachelor President
My two-cents on this issue is that our president did not use the government money to buy himself his Porsche. According to reports he sold his recently "fully paid" BMW to get himself his new toy car. In fact, he is the third owner of the Porsche that he bought. He bought is at the price of whooping 4.5Million pesos. It could be very untimely for him to buy a luxury car.
A 2007 Model of Porsche
A lot of affluent people can buy luxury car anytime they want, so why not spare the good ol' bachelor president. It was his own money that he used to buy the Porsche, I think that alone is fair enough. True enough that austerity measures should be observed by the government since they are using the government funds. But this guy is using his hard-earned money to get what he wanted, so let him be. At least he is not hiding it from the people, he is very transparent about it.

What can you say about PNoy's Porsche?

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  1. i have nothing against that but we known pnoy for simplicity then all of a sudden he will bought this luxury car. Well just my opinion :)


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