Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cough and Cold Tips

Kids and adults can catch cold viruses anytime; and it could be really difficult for Moms to pacify a child who caught the virus. Plus the fact that once the cold virus hit the immune system; cough problems are sure to follow. Right now two of my kids caught the unpleasant cold virus and both of them have cough too (they love to eat cold foods and sometimes they munch on ice cubes!).

I am the type of Mom who would not give medicines immediately to my kids. As much as possible I try to remedy the cough and cold the natural way. Here are some useful tips that Mommies can follow regarding cough and cold:
  • Rest. It is very important that kids (and adults) get enough rest to restore energy that could help boost the immune system.
  • Blow your nose. Little kids do not know how to blow the nose the right way; teach our kids how to blow their nose rather than sniff the mucus back into the head.
  • Encourage them to gargle. Coughing may cause sore throat so to moisten the throat, gargling is important.
  • Drink hot liquids could prevent dehydration and would help flush out toxins inside the body. In would also soothe the lining of the membranes of the nose and throat.
  • Metholated salve can help clear the nose passage, dab a small amount of it under the nose to open the breathing passage.
The kids behavior could be very irritating when they are sick, so remember to extend your patience. Tender loving care is what the kids need when they are sick and not a nagging Mom. Always remember that when the kids are having difficulty in breathing, visit their Pediatrician for the proper medication.


  1. in time for this season, very informative post sis especially to mommies like us :)

  2. Actually medicines for this type of condition is only to give relief for the symptoms and not exactly cure the virus itself. Having it done naturally is one good thing and getting vaccines is another thing as well.


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