Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Get-well Wish

Get-well soon Uncle Co!
I heard the sad news from my cousin Sha that his dad had a mild stroke. It was a bit shocking because our Uncle Co had an active lifestyle. Although we know that it can happen because he is a chain smoker and would drink more than two bottles of beer a day.
The mild heart attack caused him to have difficulty in moving his left extremities. I know it would be very difficult for him to accept that. To think that he does almost all the household chores in their house. Have I mentioned that he is a great cook? Whenever we have the chance to visit them, he would always prepare delicious meals for us. My second child practically grew up with him.
I pray that we surpass this trial as a family. May this also serve amongst the family members that we should not take our health for granted. If we do not take care of our health, nobody else will do it for us.
I am looking forward to seeing him well and good. In God's time nothing is impossible. I claim his recovery. I know God will bring back his health in no time.

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