Friday, February 12, 2010

Earn Money From Tweeting

Twitter, a micro-blogging service in the internet that allows users to get in touch and updated with their followers. Followers are the friends or members of your social network. You can get paid for your tweets. Earning money in Twitter is possible; you just need to know how.
How does a Twitter user earn money in Twitter? These are the following strategies that you may want to try:
•    Act as a Twitter consultant. If you are one of those people who have mastered the Twitter and maximized the use of it; you can advertise your services as Twitter consultant. There are companies out there who are not yet familiar on how Twitter can help in their business. They may want to get your services for it and show them how they can make use of Twitter in their businesses.
•    Salesperson for Twitter applications. There are a lot of Twitter applications in the internet market. You can send out tweets about a particular application for other Twitter users to try and eventually buy the application. An example of this application is Twitter CMS. Makers of the applications can give you commissions on every application that you were able to sell.
•    Generate leads from your followers. Your followers may send out tweets looking for a particular product or services that you may happen to have or offer. Or you may happen to know someone who offers what your follower needs; you may be able to earn from it. You can use that as a lead to generate sales for your company or for your business.
•    Broadcast announcements. Your Twitter account can be used by a particular company to promote or broadcast a particular product or service each day. The tendency will be that your follower will be eager to know what is the product or service of the day. It might interest them to try out the product or service featured. Just be creative with your broadcast announcements.
•    Pay per tweets. There are companies who would pay you for every Twitter message that you sent out. An employment agency may want to use your Twitter account to show the job vacancies that they have. If one of your followers is interested in it, they will be visiting the site themselves.
Your Twitter account can be very useful to you in terms of your finances. You just need to take advantage of it and learn how to use your Twitter account well.

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